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Studies in The Journal of Neurology Demonstrates the Value of FONAR UPRIGHTŪ Imaging in Evaluating the Extent of Hypermobility in Chiari Malformation Patients

Upright MRI Case Study of 49 Year Old Male with a 20 Year History of Chronic Back Pain and a Three Year History of Right Lower Extremity Radiculopathy

Upright MRI Case Study of a 57 Year Old Woman Presented with Pain of One Year's Duration Following Failed Back Surgery Performed in 2001

Upright MRI Save Professional Ice Hockey Player's Career

Chiari I Malformation Detectable Only by the Upright MRI Leads to Successful Surgery

FONAR Upright Full-Range-of-Motion Multi-Position MRI Uncovers "Hidden Disc"

FONAR Walk-In Full-Range-of-Motion Multi-Position Upright MRI Uncovers "Hidden" Disc Herniation and Spinal Instability

Transient Quadriparesis with Drop Attack and Chronic Neck and Arm Pain

Severe Kyphosis Rendering Recumbent Imaging Impossible

Ligamentous Rupture Associated With Mobile Anterolisthesis

Positional Generation of Clinical Symptoms

Bladder and Uterine Prolapse

Position-Related Recurrent Disc Hernation

Evaluation of Spinal Stability

Upright Dynamic MRI Reveals Hidden Disc Herniation


37 year-old male with bilateral pain and tingling in hands exacerbated upon flexion of the cervical spine... Read Full Story , More Case Studies




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